Samstag, 12. Dezember 2015

Graphic: Resident Evil Part 2 Marhawa Desire

Good afternoon,
Today we have a new graphic and a new tutorial will be also available soon but for now we have a little cosplay help again. I have made them a year ago.
Theses crests are from Resident Evil - Marhawa Desire. If you have not read this manga I can tell that you have missed something if you like horror. 

Now we have only left to say as always: If you need it for your cosplay only in terms of private use we will give it to you gratis. The rights belong to capcom.

Donnerstag, 5. November 2015

Cosplay-Graphic: Fairy Tail

Hi everyone,
Now we have something special for you.
This time it is the Fairy Tail crest (20x20 cm per 300 dpi) but it is also available in curves if you want to work with an emembroidery-machine.
The other graphic this time is Kanas Magic Card. Its mesures are 4x7 cm in really high quality (300dpi)


I hope you like it and don't be scared to ask we won't bite and we will give them to you for free.

As always we have to say: We do not earn money with this and the rights belong to Hiro Mashima and Kodansha. The watermarks are only because we don't want to get them stolen from bootleg producers.

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

Tutorial: How to knot a necktie (Easy Winchester)

Hi everyone,
As you can see we have a new tutorial online. We are going to show you how to make an easy Winchesterknot for your nektie. (Well I show, Kamyu was not able to do one. Waah!! Don't hit me Kamyu!) It is used for thin nekties and thus not god for very formal events as an dubble windsor knot. I have mede this tutorial with a two colored band of fabric because it will be easier to show. But you will see it is really easy.
Now let's get started.

At first put your tie arround  the neck and the side that should be long later (blue) has be much longer than he short part (purple).
The perfect length for this part is ordinarily is something you have to test but be aware that the tie will shorten because of the knot. The arrow points circa on the height of the final bound tie.

The first step is really easy just cross your tie ends but the long end (blue) should be in front.
The second step is almost as easy s the first one. Wrap the long part behind.
Third step is as easy as the first one. Cross the short (purple) part again. The short part will not move till the end.

The fourth part is a little bit tricky. Your current state is at Part a. Now you have to pull your long part (blue) between the parts (part b) where the knot beginns. Now you have to pull your end of the nektie through the wrapped blue part (c) that already has its final trapezoid look.

Hey we are almost done.
If the tie is not at its right positon yet the only thing to do left is to pull at your short end (purple) to make its look perfect.

Congratulations. If you have come to this point you have knot your nektie. It is easy for sure but as you see it has for real shortend that much. Have fun if you try it.

We hope to see you soon again.

Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015

Graphic - Resident Evil

Hi Guys,

Now are these two graphics available. Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page and we can send them to you. This time it's the Umbrella Corp. mark. and the S.T.A.R.S crest.

Resident Evil belongs to Capcom and we are not earning money with them.

Sonntag, 27. September 2015

Graphic - Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞) -Taroutachi and Jiroutach

Hi Everyone,

This time we have something for Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞) fans.
We have redrawn the crests of Taroutachi and Jiroutachi and we will give it to you, if you are asking fot it. Well we are not earing money with this but we love to hold contact with you if you are using them. The first one belongs to Taroutachi(太郎太刀) and the second to Jiroutachi (次郎太刀).
The originals have a good quality and you will be able to print them well.
Other graphics from other series will be available soon.

Dienstag, 22. September 2015

Make-up for Conventions (Basic) - Tutorial

Hi everyone,

This time I am going to show you how to use Make-up for conventions. It is just a tutorial for basic use as for male characters or almost everyday, thus nothing special (specials will follow later). Well this tutorial is also for people who have no idea what make up is or do not know  which make-up is good for them and I hope it will help.

At first I am showing the material I am using. It will be easier if you have a few things in your luggage.

The Materials:

1. Mirror: At first you should have an own mirror. If you are staying at a hotel with friends, it will be very busy if everyone uses the mirror in the bathroom. If you want to go to the convention itself as fast as possible, it is much easier to have your own mirror handy. Use the bathroom itself only for necessities. (putting your contact lenses in etc)

2. Contact lenses:: Well they are not always needed but there are many characters with a different eyecolor or you need just glasses. Thats why they have their own point in this tutorial. You will need a lenscleaner and a lenscase and be aware of the date when they expire . There are Lenses you can use 1 day, 1 week 1 month, 3 months or one year.  Never wear two lenses in one eye it will destroy the eye if you have bad luck and get blind. 

3. Concealer: Well no one has a perfect skin the concealer is used to make you look better. Dark circels around the eyes will almost vanish if you use it right. You can also fix Mistakes with the eyeliner if you have made some. I am using the palette because I need all these colors.

4. Foundation and powder: These are the basic tools for a flawless skin. The powder sets your look for a perfect finish. The reason I put them together is mainly because there are combinations of both in sale - you might want to consider buying those.

5. Eyeliner: Eyeliner is ever need. You can draw an extra eyelid on, or use it for the whiskers on Narutos face as example. You will need a bit time to practise its use but in the end your look will thank you.

6. Eyeshadow.  The first eyeshadow color you should consider buying is white as you can use it as a highlighter to brighten your look and make your eyes appear bigger. It is versatile and can be used for male and female characters.

7. Khol pencil: khol pencilcan be used for smokey eyes especially if it is made from coal. It is also used to deffine your eyes.

8. Eyebrowpencil: It is used to deffine your eyebrows. It is available in light brown, dark brown and black. I use them to paint my shaved eyebrows because of different cosplays. (I will write about it later) It is always deliverd with an little eyebrow brush.

9. Rouge/Blush (Not always used): Rouge/blush is used to color your cheekbones. It will give your face some color. I have not used it this time but if you are cosplaying girls it will be neccesary. If you want to create a very bright look do not use it.

10. Wig cap: (Without a picture) If you don't want to usea wig an Alice band will do. It holds your hair away from your skin. It is something that will help you.

11. Bobby pins (without a picture): Use them to fix at first the wigcap. If the wigcap is fixed the wig will hold easier on your head. If the wig later it is fixed too you will not be busy on convention to fix your wig the whole time.

Well introduction of the materials is done now we can start.
(If you have none of it you do not have to buy everything at once. At first concealer, make-up, powder and an eyeliner will do)

How to use Make-up?

 1. We are starting with the wigcap and bobby pins. As I said, it is the easiest way to start your look. pin your wigcap onto your hair or brush your hair and fix it that way you will not have any hairs left that may disturb you. As you see I have very long hair and I am able to put them all under a wig because of the wigcap.

2. If you want to wear lenses you have to put them in now, otherwhise will your make-up ruined. If you are going to a convention, prepare the lensecase by putting some of the solution into the caps, as it is easier to carry around the small lensecase than a whole bottle of lensecleaner solution. If you wear glasses take them with you in a glasses' box. If you do not they may break. You can put your lenscase also in it. If you have to put your lenses out, it will be an adventure to ride back to your hotel when you are not able to see which tramway or street you can use.  Especially if you are in a foreign town.
Wash your hands carefully before you put them in or put them out otherwise your eyes can get an illness if you do not do this because auf viruses and bacteria.

3. If that step is done we start with the concealer. 
The pink color is to make dark eyecircels vanish. The green is used for red parts on your skin and the others are usefull to define your skin or make skin colored spots vanish. Do not be scared to use the colors well visible there will be later foundation on it and you will not see them any longer. This palette gives you also the option to shape your skin but this would be a whole other tutorial. (Will follow in future)
If it does not fit you can mix the concealer types.

4. If you have covered all the problem parts we are starting to use the foundation. If you buy foundation the first time you should try it on the backside of your hand. Every drugstore that sells make-up gives you the chance to try a bit of it on your skin with a tester. It should be a bit lighter than your own skin. (circeld) Otherwhise everyone will see that you have make-up on your skin that does not fit you and it makes you look like a clown.
You have to cover your face very fast with your hands and control if you have not forgotten anything.

5. Time for the powder. As you can see is my skin not longer shining but the basic makeup is now fixed until I wash it and The difference between the first photograph and now is well to see. Some may want to stop here, but we want to make our look more perfect. This is also one product you should try before you buy it with the tester in the drugstore.

As you can see I used a powder brush. There are also brushes for the other steps but I prefer to use my hands since I have more control over the product. This time I have used the combined powder. But you will get also good results with compactpowder that is pressed or mineral powder for that the brush is needed.
Every sort of Powder is seen in the materiallist.

6. I have used the eyliner now. (Yeay we are starting now with the colors.) There are different types of tips. There is one with a very thin brush and a litte one with a little sponge. Which one is best for you well this is a thing you have to try. But this time there is not chance to try in the shops.

Later if you have practised a bit you can place this step to a later point but if you are not sure do it now. Now you can corret it easyly if there has gotten something wrong. You can use a wet Q-tip if your line is not defined enough. If you have made accidently made a  wrong line you can wash it away with a wet wipe. If there are left overs you can fix it with a bit concealer and powder. Why do I use Eyeliner also for guys? Well it is better for photographs the people will look more on the eyes. It is an eyecatcher.

7. Well if the eyeliner is done we can use the eyeshadow. The color white is one universal color. You can use it almost always. I put it on two spots arrount the eyes. If you use other colors you should test them. Here are also testers in the shops available. These Spots are usefull to put highlights on your eyes.

8.Khol pencil is used now. If you put white khol pencil into the waterline your eyes will look a bit bigger. It is often that character eyes are bigger the your own. With a black one you can define it a bit more.

9. If this is done it is time for mascara and an eyelash curler if you have one. NEVER use the curler after you have putten the maskara on your lashes. They will break.

How to use the curler? Put your leashes in it and press each for 15 seconds. Then you can put the mascara on them. Which one is best for you, you have to try. I prefer Maskara with a big brush but I know many people whose prefer smal ones.

10. Well In the beginnig I have written that I have shaved my eybrows because of several costumes. (Kousaka Shigure- Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi or Altar no Hakurei- Saint Seiya as example)  That's why I am using that eyebrow pencil everyday. If you use a fitting color, no one would ever guess there is just a small section of your eyebrows left.  Even if your eyebrows are not shaved this pencil will define them and the brush will help to make them straight. I have one in Light brown and one in black because it is easy to color them. (This will be another tutorial again)

11. Time for the final step! Wooho! This time I skip the blush I wanted to create a very simple makeup. But If you want to you have to put it on with a blush brush. Everything other will not have a smooth texture.But if everything is dine you have to do your lips. If it was a guys make-up you should use concealer again. If it is a basic girls makeup a light gloss will be fitting best.
Now it is time to put on your wig, fixtate it with a few bobby pins and have fun.

Thats all for now. I hope it was helpfull and our team will see you again in future!

Bye! <3

Special thanks to Julia who has corrected this time.

Mittwoch, 26. August 2015

Wigprogress - Hilda Polaris (Saint Seiya)

Hi Guys,
Today I am gonna show you a little progress for a new wig I have started to style. As you can see it is gonna be Hilda from Saint seiya this time.
It has a few difficulties in it thats the reason why I think it may be interesting to see what I have done to make this wig ready to use.
(Screenshot (c) by Toei Animation and Masami Kurumada)

It was this wig I have styled. It was my Ukitake wig from Bleach und has done a good job for years. But as you see is it thinner than good for Hilda. It has gotten thinner than usable, and the laces were seen during wearing. If I had not done anything I had to throw it into the bin. The Best thing you can do in this case is finng your wig up with parts from another wig.  I have cutted the laces from the other wig and have started working.
Here are the cuted laces. I am so glad and lucky that I had gotten cheap peaces at "Bring and Buy" on Convention in the same hair color.
They are shorter than the main wig but in my case it was better to use a short wig because I have to cut all parts short later. If a long wig needs to get spikey all hair should have the same length.
Here is the first step to "refuel" the wig. Put the hairs up an search for the highest lace. On this photograph you can see how thin this wig was already grown. Well I have looked for the highest lace and fixtated it a few hair needels.
I have glued the laces with glue from a hot glue gun a few rows.
The same I have done with almost every other part from the other wig. Do not forget to brosh it afertwards because there may be glueparts left in the hairtips. And be carefull because I have almost burned myself with the hot glue.

You are gonna fill the laces up until you are happy whith the result.I have here these two pictures to compare them. Before and after

The only thing left I have to do now is cutting and fill the pars underneath up with cutted hair. This will be shown later but as you can see is Hilda already that far that I can use the wig soon.
I have now three weeks left to do the whole Costume.
Other progress photographs will follow and I hope to see you soon.

Sonntag, 9. August 2015

New name and new CosCards!

Hi guys (^o^)/*
Now we have news even it is a bit short.

As you can see we have a new team name. The reason is that we decided to start from the very beginning and the new name is also a symbol for this.
A Facebookpage with our works will will be online soon, but for now its still in progress.

The other new thing is our CosCard. As you can see we have here an example for the back side. The front and the final disgne? Well they are a little secret untill they are printed ~<3
But here we have a little appetizer from the back side.

Our currend works are from Saint Seiya - Soul of Gold  (what a surprise xD) the God Warrior Gullinbursti Frodi and Hilda-sama^^
"Wildschwein Strahl!!!!" Well this is the orginal attack from Gullinburst Frodi, as an German Cosplayer this is really funny because it´s means "wild boar beam (or ray)" and in french "sanglier jet" *rofl*
Kamyu & Anbu 

Samstag, 18. Juli 2015

Back in action

Hi guys,
We haven't done much the last years here. But now we wil start new and it will be bigger than it ever was. (Ok I guess this will not not be a big problem. Haha.)

We hope to see you soon! <3

Greetings to all our followers ands those who it will be.
Kamyu & Anbu

Photographer: rannilein